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More than 30 years of successful relationships with international companies 

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PEERPHARM GROUP is a future-oriented, enterprising company and a leading manufacturer of innovative Quality Skincare, Toiletries, and Medical OTC products. 

Since our inception, we have been providing both brand and private-label solutions for B2B and B2C business platforms. We manufacture millions of units, servicing the ever-changing global market, and can convert your business and market conditions into affordable solutions.


PEERPHARM GROUP's range of products consists of more than 7,000 products designed to take care of the face, body, hair, and sensitive skin of your market niche, combining global sales and international customer support,


Year-round, the company offers its customers innovative ingredients, specially created formulas, and production amounts totaling thousands of units per day.  


We aim to provide our customers with excellent service and original cosmetic products, developed with an extraordinary passion.


Our mission is to make PEERPHARM GROUP the leading partner of your makeup brands and work side by side with your business goals, with the required flexibility to meet small orders and gradually expand. In other words, we are simply seeking to become the best manufacture to work with – through quality – services – and customer support!

We understand that the cosmetic market is constantly changing and success hinges on the ability to stay attuned to the latest and greatest trends. At PEERPHARM
GROUP we take pride in our ability to ensure that our portfolio remains ahead of the market by frequenting trade shows, exhibitions, and seminars along with keeping in close touch with promoters, vendors, and suppliers around the world.  

We understand that reputation is synonymous with your bottom- line so we are committed to upholding its integrity by guaranteeing our highest quality, market-proven products. 

Advanced research


Speed to market

Love to work

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